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I am Callum McClure, an 18-year-old Multi-Award winning Magician. Since starting professionally at the age of 13, I have amazed and amused thousands. My speciality lies in performing close-up magic at Weddings, Dinners, Balls and Parties of all kinds. My Magic combines professional personal entertainment to get people talking and outstanding slight of hand to make them go crazy. With over 11 years of refining my skills in performing to small parties and all the way to multi-national corporate events, I can adapt my style to any occasion.

How long have you been interested in magic?


For as long as I can remember, I was always fascinated by magic: How I had so many coins behind my ears; how they could remove my nose and even how they guessed my chosen card. There is a lovely mystery that you only get when you watch a truly skilled Magician. You get transported back to being a child and the world is so full of wonder. From the age of seven, I was hooked on the craft and was always looking to perform my next show. At the age of 10, I was looked after by 'The Magic Circle' youth initiative and this is where I honed my skill. A few years later I was invited back to start as a mentor: Teaching, Lecturing and helping all of the young magicians.

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